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Names and organization names presented here are for identification purposes only.

John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

Paul Austin
Conservation Minnesota & Conservation Minnesota Voter Center

Brent Blackwelder (Honorary)
Friends of the Earth

The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert, Vice Chair
The Accord Group

Carol Browner, Chair
Center for American Progress

Marcia Bystryn, Secretary
New York League of Conservation Voters

Brendon Cechovic
Western Conservation Foundation

Carrie Clark
North Carolina League of Conservation Voters

Manny Diaz
Lydecker Diaz

George T. Frampton, Jr.
New Energy Advisors LLC

Wade Greene (Honorary)
Rockefeller Family & Associates

Rampa R. Hormel
Enlyst Fund

John Hunting (Honorary)
John Hunting and Associates

Tom Kiernan, Treasurer
American Wind Energy Association

Michael Kieschnick

Winsome McIntosh (Honorary)
The McIntosh Foundation

Mark Magaña

Peter Mandelstam

Pete Maysmith
Conservation Colorado

William H. Meadows III
The Wilderness Society

Reuben Munger
Vision Ridge Partners, LLC

Bill Roberts
Corridor Partners

Larry Rockefeller
American Conservation Association
Theodore Roosevelt IV (Honorary Chair)
Barclays Capital

Laura Turner Seydel
Turner Foundation

Trip Van Noppen

Kathleen Welch
Corridor Partners

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