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In selecting the members of 2012 state-level "Dirty Dozen" list, LCV solicited input from its more than 30 state partners from among hundreds of candidates running for governor, state senate and state house. The candidates selected for this state-level "Dirty Dozen" represent some of the most anti-environmental politicians running in competitive races this year.

2012 State-Level "Dirty Dozen" Candidates

Colorado: J. Paul Brown, House-59 DEFEATED
Idaho: Lenore Hardy Barrett, House-8B
Maine: Heather Sirocki, House-128
Michigan: Ray Franz, House-101
Minnesota: Keith Downey, Senate-49 DEFEATED
Montana: Rick Hill, Governor DEFEATED
New Mexico: David Ulibarri, Senate-30 DEFEATED
New York: Sean Hanna, Senate-55 DEFEATED
North Carolina: Tim Moffitt, House-116
Oregon: Mike Schaufler, House-38 DEFEATED
Pennsylvania: Rick Saccone, House-39 DEFEATED
Wisconsin: Scott Walker, Governor

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