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House : Illinois (D, IL-17)

A distinguished journalist and health care executive, Cheri Bustos has been working to improve government accountability and health care for many years. She also served as an Alderwoman on the East Moline City Council, where she successfully championed a more vibrant downtown area.

Bustos believes that our dependence on oil is not only a hardship for consumers paying high gas prices, but also a threat to our national security. 

Bustos would like to see a comprehensive energy plan that keeps energy affordable and guides the country toward a clean energy future. She wants to see more fuel-efficient vehicles produced and would like to put an end to taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil. 

Bustos joins the U.S. House after defeating one-term Representative Bobby Schilling, who received a score of 11% on LCV’s 2011 National Environmental Scorecard for his first year in Congress.

In her own words:
"In order to keep the United States economically competitive, create jobs, and become less dependent on other nations we should advance clean energy policies and investments that will rapidly move us from an over-reliance on fossil fuels to a clean energy economy. We must also be mindful of the effects of fossil fuel emissions and science that articulates its harmful impacts on the environment, and pursue policy to reign in those pollutants as we transition to our clean energy future."

Source: LCV 2011-2012 Congressional Questionnaire

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