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Dirty Dozen 2014

Senate : Minnesota

  • McFadden has claimed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is “out of control” and suggested that the agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which would put commonsense limits on carbon pollution from power plants, is not “based on science.” McFadden even cited a false and debunked U.S. Chamber of Commerce study to attack the EPA’s proposal.

  • McFadden has attacked his opponent, Senator Al Franken, for voting to restore longstanding Clean Water Act protections to limit pollution in waterways that supply public drinking water for 117 million Americans.

  • McFadden alsoattacked Senator Franken for voting to eliminate billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies to oil companies. McFadden’s taken at least $122,750 in campaign contributions from polluting industries, including $44,800 from the oil and gas industry.

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