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House : Texas (D, TX-20)

Joaquin Castro was raised to be an active member of his community. His father, a retired teacher, and his mother, a renowned community activist, instilled in him a deep appreciation for the democratic process and the importance of serving one’s community. After finishing high school a year early, Castro left San Antonio to graduate from college with honors and then attended law school.

Castro was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2002 at the age of 28 and is widely regarded as one of the top up-and-coming Latino leaders in the country. During his five terms in the Texas Legislature, he received a lifetime score of 98% on the Texas League of Conservation Voters TLCV Scorecard. 

He was also recognized as an ‘Outstanding Supporter’ for his work in support of the Texas wind industry, which employed almost 10,000 people in 2010. Castro’s long-term energy plan would reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  It would also reduce taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil and increase investments in clean, alternative energy.

Castro joins the U.S. House to fill the seat of retiring seven-term Representative Charlie Gonzalez, who has a lifetime score of 80% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2011.

*Note that no "Key Issues" appear on this page because there is no 2011-2012 LCV Congressional Questionnaire on file for Representative-elect Castro.

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