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House : Arizona (D, AZ-09)

Kyrsten Sinema has been a strong advocate for the environment, consistently sponsoring legislation and voting to protect it during her time in both houses of the Arizona State Legislature. Sinema’s environmental leadership earned her the Legislative Hero award from the Arizona League of Conservation Voters in 2006 and scores of 100% on the Arizona Legislative Scorecard during her last two years in the State Senate.

Recognizing Arizona’s tremendous solar energy potential, Sinema will make it a priority in Congress to promote clean energy incentives and end taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil. To ensure Arizona’s beautiful national parks and wilderness areas are preserved, Sinema will strongly oppose efforts to weaken protections for clean air, clean water, and wildlife. 

Sinema joins the U.S. House as the first Representative for the newly created 9th District of Arizona.

In his own words:
"Solar energy is a win-win for Arizona and the country. Not only does solar energy mean lower energy costs for homeowners and less dependence on foreign oil, it also means a cleaner environment for our families. And it means thousands of middle class jobs, developing, building and maintaining solar arrays."

Source: Kyrsten Sinema Campaign Website

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