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House : Florida (D, FL-22)

As the Mayor of West Palm Beach from 2003-2011, Lois Frankel signed a pledge to lower carbon emissions by seven percent below the city’s 1990 levels by the end of 2012, established an office of sustainability, and advocated for pedestrian and bike-friendly urban planning. As a state legislator for 14 years prior to serving as the Mayor of Palm Beach, Frankel consistently voted to protect water quality and secure funding for the Everglades.

In Congress, Frankel will support efforts to end taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil and prioritize clean, renewable energy sources as well as more efficient transportation solutions. A Florida resident for almost 40 years, Frankel knows firsthand the potential for environmental devastation from offshore drilling, and she supports safeguarding coastal environments untouched by oil exploration.

She will also defend the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act in order to protect the health of her constituents.

Frankel joins the U.S. House as the Representative for the recently redistricted 22nd District of Florida.

In her own words:
"As the last remaining superpower in the world it is vital that America take the lead in ensuring clean, renewable energy sources are prioritized and developed. Electric utilities should be held to high standards on clean energy and energy efficiency, and I support federal legislation to achieve this goal."

Source: LCV 2011-2012 Congressional Questionnaire

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