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House : Texas (D, TX-33)

As a Texas State House Representative and Chairman of the State House Democratic Caucus, Marc Veasey has promoted environmental and public health issues throughout his career in public office. Elected in 2004, Veasey has been a strong proponent of environmental justice, working to combat the anti-environmental practices of the drilling industry in lower-income communities in his district. Veasey also worked to ensure that lower-income families have access to fresh, healthy foods.

As a member of the Texas Environmental Regulation Committee and Chairman of the State House Democratic Caucus, Veasey helped lead the fight against Governor Rick Perry’s attempts to skirt federal environmental regulations and reward special interests.

In Congress, Veasey promises to continue championing the environmental issues that consistently earned him scores of 90% and higher on the Texas League of Conservation Voters’ TLCV Legislative Scorecard. He will defend the EPA against attacks on its ability to set commonsense limits on pollution under the Clean Air Act. Veasey also supports extending tax incentives for renewable energy industries while ending taxpayer-funded subsidies to Big Oil.

Veasey joins the U.S. House as the Representative for the recently redistricted 33rd District in Texas. 

In his own words:
"In Congress, I would continue…promoting and passing legislation as it pertains to a healthy and safe environment."

Source: LCV 2011-2012 Congressional Questionnaire

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