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House : California (D, CA-41)

A lifelong resident of the Riverside district he represents, Mark Takano is well-known in his community as a dedicated teacher with almost 25 years of experience as an advocate for underprivileged communities. In Congress, Takano will be a staunch environmental advocate. Recognizing the health problems stemming from the highly polluted air in his district, Takano will prioritize defending the Clean Air Act. Takano regards climate change as a serious threat and wants the United States to lead the way globally in reducing emissions and developing clean energy resources. He also strongly supports ending taxpayer-funded subsidies for Big Oil.

Takano has a long history of service to his community. As President of the Riverside Community College Board of Trustees, he helped the Board and the District gain stability and direction amid serious fiscal challenges in the early 1990s. He also served on the Board of the Chancellor's Asian Pacific Islander Community Advisory Center at the University of California and as Chairman of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

Takano joins the U.S. House as the Representative for the recently redistricted 41st District of California, which has been represented by retiring seventeen-term Representative Jerry Lewis, who received a lifetime score of 13% score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2011.

In his own words:
"The Clean Air Act has a proven track record of providing environmental protections while simultaneously yielding a positive economic benefit to society. I do support the Clean Air Act in its entirety and feel any effort attempting to block or delay cleaning up air pollution comes at a cost to the public health of my district. The people of my district want me to be a strong advocate for better air quality and I am eager to be one."

Source: LCV 2011-2012 Congressional Questionnaire

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