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House : Pennsylvania (D, PA-17)

For the past 24 years, Matt Cartwright has worked as an attorney, fighting for the middle class and for working families. During his legal career, he has taken on insurance companies, big banks and other big corporations. He has also defended families who have suffered from the impacts of fracking.

Cartwright has first-hand experience with the environmental hazards from unregulated fracking, as the district’s water supply has been impacted. He believes the Halliburton Loophole, which allows fluids used in fracking to be exempt from protections under the Clean Water Act and Safe Water Drinking Act, should be closed.

Cartwright’s opponent in the primary election was Representative Tim Holden, who has a lifetime score of 57% on the LCV National Environmental Scorecard through 2011.  Holden was named to LCV’s Dirty Dozen list for supporting billions of dollars in tax breaks for Big Oil and voting to permanently block the EPA from reducing global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act.

In his own words:
"Our investment in green energy should be real and it should be happening now. Those who vote against our environment with a defense of protecting jobs are wrong. America has the ability to fully invest in green energy by American companies and American people”."

Source: LCV 2011-2012 Congressional Questionnaire

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