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House : Minnesota (D, MN-08)

A former three-term Minnesota Congressman during the late 1970s, Rick Nolan has earned the respect of small business owners and community organizations alike for his dedication to improving the health, economy, and environment of northeast Minnesota. He left Congress in 1980 with a lifetime score of 89% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In Congress, Nolan will work to safeguard basic environmental protections for our air and water to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of the American people. He believes prioritizing environmental protection goes hand-in-hand with workers’ rights, and he promises to get big corporate polluters to clean up their act. Nolan also promises to address global climate change.

Since leaving Congress, Nolan built his own small sawmill business that planted over 100,000 trees, presided over the Central Lakes College Foundation that raised scholarship money for economically disadvantaged students, and chaired the Minnesota World Trade Center Corporation.

He rejoins the U.S. House after defeating one-term Representative Chip Cravaack who received a score of 14% on LCV’s 2011 National Environmental Scorecard for his first year in Congress.

In his own words:
"The environment, our air, lakes, rivers and forests, are crucial to our 8th district economy. The degradation of our air and water, along with global warming, threaten the very survival of our species here on mother earth. We must protect the environment in order to preserve our way of life and our tourism industry."

Source: Rick Nolan Campaign Website

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