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House : Hawaii (D, HI-02)

A former state legislator, councilwoman, and decorated war veteran, Tulsi Gabbard was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal for her first tour in Iraq, earned a commission as an officer, was the first woman to ever receive an award of appreciation by the Kuwaiti military, and was commissioned as a Captain in the National Guard.

At age 19, Gabbard and her father founded the Healthy Hawaii Coalition, a non-profit, educational organization comprised of concerned citizens from across the state; its two-fold purpose is to protect the environment and to improve individual and community health. In the Hawaii State House, Gabbard played a key role in securing funding for habitat conservation in the Ewa Plains. Gabbard also served as a legislative aide focused on environmental issues for Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI), who is retiring from the Senate with a lifetime score of 70% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2011. 

In Congress, Gabbard will work to make Hawaii the nation’s leading producer of renewable energy and ensure that Hawaii becomes the destination of choice for green energy startup companies, including wind, solar, biomass and wave energy technology.

Gabbard joins the U.S. House to fill the seat of three-term Representative Mazie Hirono, whose 96% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard through 2011 helped propel her to become the next U.S. Senator for Hawaii.

In her own words:
"I will work to ensure that Hawaii becomes the destination of choice for green energy startups, including wind, solar, biomass, and wave energy technology. Such industries would not only provide good jobs for our people, but will help us achieve greater energy self-sufficiency."

Source: Tulsi Gabbard Campaign Website

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