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Take Action to Protect Clean Energy in Connecticut

The Connecticut House of Representatives is deciding this week -- as soon as Wednesday -- on whether or not to roll back Connecticut’s landmark clean energy goals. Please take two minutes to defend clean energy in Connecticut by calling your state representative today. 

Use these easy instructions to call your state representative today:

1. Call the switchboard and ask to be connected to your state representative. Use the Connecticut House Democrat switchboard at 800-842-8267 or the Connecticut House Republican switchboard at 800-842-1423. If you don’t know who your state representative is, find out here.

2. Read them the following message:

“As your constituent, I urge you to protect Connecticut’s clean, renewable energy standards from any rollbacks. Please oppose Senate Bill 1138, and instead support an amendment  (LC0 6421) co-sponsored by dozens of  legislators that removes the bad hydropower section of this bill and advances only a cost stabilizing, pro-environment provision.”

If you want more background to write your own statement, click here.

3. Let us know you made the call by clicking here.

And simple as that, you’ll have made a huge difference on a critically important issue!


 More background on this issue

Connecticut’s renewable energy program was established to create a strong market incentive to move electricity generators and distributors away from polluting fossil fuels and other environmentally damaging forms of energy towards clean, sustainable energy sources, like wind and solar.  Any vote weakening these standards is considered hostile to environmental progress.  Our message to state legislators has consistently been to:

  • Vote NO on Destructive Large Scale Hydropower
    The most recent version of SB 1138 (section 9) allows electricity distributors to purchase power from large, high impact hydropower, especially from HydroQuebec,  to fulfill our portfolio requirements for Class 1 energy.    This provision in the bill would make Connecticut the first state in the nation to retreat from our stated energy goals.  It would cause lasting damage to our state’s efforts to be a leader on new energy technologies and put in jeopardy our markets for the development of new, clean energy here at home.
  • Vote YES on Long-term Contracting to Reduce Cost
    We strongly support long-term contracts for wind generation that can lower costs for Connecticut's consumers and help reach our environmental goals at the same time.  Other environmentally friendly ways of reducing the costs of the Class I RPS include energy efficiency investment and cutting off Class 1 payments to less desirable sources, such as substandard biomass and landfill gas.

Urge your state representative to move forward with the time-sensitive contracting portion of this legislation, and to continue working on the rest of the initiative to produce the best solution for Connecticut’s environment, ratepayers, and job creation.  



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