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225 businesses urge Governors to keep RGGI alive

26 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Climate Change

A coalition of 225 businesses stressed the necessity of a market-based plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and urged for the continuance of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in a letter to 10 Governors in participating states, the Hill’s Andrew Restuccia reports.

The coalition stressed the economic benefits of RGGI, noting that for every dollar spent the initiative has produced a return of $4 to $6. 

“We believe strong clean energy and clean air policies create jobs and stimulate economic growth. RGGI shows that market-based programs can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while boosting our economy,” the letter states. “By reducing spending on out-of-region fossil fuels, RGGI improves energy security and economic competitiveness and frees up energy dollars for spending in other parts of our economies.” 

The letter comes at a time when RGGI faces a ramped up attack ad and lobbying campaign by the organization Americans for Prosperity, a group funded by oil tycoons David and Charles Koch.

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