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A Blatant Attack on the EPA

25 Feb 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Congress

Next week, the House will likely take up the so-called Electricity Security and Affordability Act, which aims to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to place commonsense limits on carbon pollution from power plants. This is yet another sweeping attack on the environment from the radial leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. It would also be a big win for corporate polluters and a loss for the American people by preventing President Obama from taking an important step towards tackling the climate crisis and protecting public health.  

Representative Henry Waxman has called this bill “a recipe for disaster.” It’s a blatant attempt to undermine the Clean Air Act and prevent the EPA from doing its job. In fact, the Supreme Court has upheld the EPA’s authority to take action. These safeguards are so clearly needed that most Americans believe they’re already in place. 

This harmful legislation was introduced by Representative Ed Whitfield and Senator Joe Manchin, and the House version currently has 75 co-sponsors. 

The bill may have passed through the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month, but there are still many elected officials who are committed to taking on corporate polluters and pushing for action on climate change. In fact, the EPA held a hearing earlier this month on their proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants and many environmental allies were there to show their support for the rules. There are also groups in Congress including the Senate Climate Action Task Force, the Safe Climate Caucus and the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change, which are working hard to ensure that tackling the climate crisis is a top priority this year. 

LCV will continue to hold members of Congress accountable for standing in the way of progress, and stand up for those who put their constituents ahead of corporate polluters by protecting our environment and public health.

(Photograph by arbyreed)

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