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A Revolution in Renewable Energy Technology

22 Mar 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Tags: Clean Energy

A small Minnesota technology company, Silent Power, endeavors to revolutionize the renewable energy industry.

The seven-year old company, funded by federal grants and private investors, has produced an energy-storage system that will make clean energy resources more competitive and practicable.

The "OnDemand" storage system accumulates electricity generated by solar, wind, or other traditional energy sources in reusable batteries.In this way, utility companies and private homeowners can store and thus manage their energy, making industrial and individual energy use more efficient and effective.

Not only will the "OnDemand" storage system improve energy efficiency and reduce energy cost. The new technology will also give solar and wind industries--which are currently limited to generating energy at fixed times during the day--a competitive boost by allowing these sources to stockpile energy on a 24-hour basis, and then release that energy at peak times during the day.

With continued financial assistance from private and federal interests, Silent Power aims to transform the way individual homeowners and the utility industry at large conserve and control energy.

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