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American Lung Association: Overwhelming bipartisan support among voters for EPA action

26 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Air

A June 2011 survey released by the American Lung Association found that voters across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support EPA action to curb smog pollution and reject Congressional action to impede the agency from doing so. 

The survey, which examined national data and state data for Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, revealed four key findings:

1. EPA policy is widely popular among voters. An overwhelming 75 percent of voters support setting stricter smog standards.


2. Voters trust the EPA to determine pollution standards over Congressional action. A bipartisan 66 percent of voters believed that pollution standards should be determined by EPA scientists, not members of Congress.

3. Voters reject the argument that stricter smog standards are economically harmful and lead to job loss. 65 percent say that stricter standards on air pollution will not damage our economic recovery, with 54 percent believing that updates are likely to create more jobs, not less.

4. Support for the EPA is robust nationwide, even in traditionally Conservative regions. Targeted polling among voters in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Virginia found support for the EPA setting stricter limits on air pollution ranging between 64-72 percent.

Find out more information and view the survey results here.

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