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Americans Of Both Parties Support EPA Clean Air Rules

12 Oct 2011  |   Damien Shirley

Tags: Clean Air, Congress

A newly-released survey finds that American voters—including majorities of both political parties—support new EPA rules to limit harmful air pollution.

67% of voters oppose efforts by Congress—spearheaded by Majority Leader Eric Cantor—to delay implementation of those air pollution rules. That number includes 88% of Democrats, 85% of Independents and 55% of Republicans. Overall, 75% of American voters believe that the EPA, not Congress, should determine air pollution standards.

In addition, 65% of voters believe that the benefits of air pollution standards outweigh the costs and 75% of voters believe a compelling reason to implement these rules is the boost to local economies—including thousands of new jobs—that will be created from investments in new technologies.

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