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Our Future Under ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’

16 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: Clean Energy

America’s current trajectory takes us on a path with disproportionately increasing energy consumption, and skyrocketing carbon pollution emissions, reports The Center for American Progress.  Big Oil’s profits are soaring while taxpayers continue to shell out billions each year in subsidies to those multi-billion dollar oil companies, and yet anti-environment lawmakers continue to push for open up our national lands and protected offshore waters to gas and oil drilling and to weaken the health and environmental protections on carbon pollution.

The Center for American Progress imagines what we might be saying in 2030 if Big Oil’s congressional allies successfully implement their ‘oil above all’ energy policies:

Things could have been different if, back in 2012, we had not made far-reaching choices about our energy future by choosing leaders who prioritized the short-term profitability of Big Oil over the long-term goal of developing a 21st century energy agenda. The result was an energy strategy focused on increased domestic production of a few fossil fuels rather than a more balanced approach including truly low-carbon energy sources and energy efficiency.

In short, we doubled down and chose the path of “drill, baby, drill.” We opted out of every opportunity to innovate and build a 21st century energy infrastructure and instead chose to maintain the dirty status quo of the 20th century.

Read more at The Center for American Progress.

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