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Carbon Rule: Good for the Planet, Really Good for Jobs

19 Jun 2014  |   James Silberstein

Tags: Climate Change

The economy is still king, according to a recent survey conducted by CNN/ORC. The poll showed American voters overwhelmingly rank the economy as the most important political issue today, so last week when the President announced a historic plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions, the conversation also focused on the plan’s economic impacts. 

Polluter-backed special interests like the Chamber of Commerce have attacked the proposal, making catastrophic predictions to scare the American people. In a political landscape dominated by sound bites, such a claim has political and electoral resonance. But the truth matters, so let’s look at the real numbers:

4: The number of “Pinocchios” given by The Washington Post to Republican officials who cited; the highest ‘malarkey’ rating given by The Post and a credited acknowledgement that the Chamber’s study grossly overestimated the severity of the EPA Proposal

Up to 112,000: The number of additional jobs projected to be created by 2025 in the energy efficiency sector,  if carbon emissions are cut according to the standards set forth by the EPA rule

Up to $93 Billion: The projected annual value of public health and climate benefits by 2030, if carbon emissions are cut according to the standards set forth by the EPA rule

78,600: The number of clean-energy jobs created in 2013 including…

6,300: The number of clean energy jobs created in 2013 alone in fossil fuel giant, Texas

91: The percent of businesses in coal-heavy Pennsylvania who believe that climate change regulations present a business opportunity; the majority of respondents additionally stated these regulations could increase demand for new or existing products or services in the state

10: The number of times faster that jobs in the solar energy industry are growing as compared to the national average for job creation – jobs which as Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity points out, cannot be outsourced

Action on climate change can protect our planet, revitalize the economy, and create jobs. As the Carbon Disclosure Project North America President Tom Carnac puts it, “Managing global warming impacts delivers competitive advantage to US companies…Regulation can help level the playing field, allowing more companies to benefit from mitigating risks, while speeding up the shift to a profitable, low-carbon economy.” 

Climate change deniers and their polluter-backed allies should look at the facts: this plan is just good business. 

(The Photographs were taken by CraneStationdsleeter_2000wavian,thewrongglass)

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