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Climate Change to Cost California Beaches Billions

16 Sep 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Climate Change

California is likely to see billions of dollars in losses due to climate change, a new report by economists at San Francisco State released Tuesday concluded.

As rising sea levels erode the coastline and increasingly volatile weather causes significant damages to beachfront properties and businesses, California towns can expect to lose millions of dollars in lost tourism and tax revenue.

If the Pacific Ocean rises the predicted 55 inches over the next century, California could lose:

  • up to $440 million in lost tourism and tax revenue from Venice Beach
  • a combined loss of $500 million from impacts to Zuma Beach and Broad Beach in Malibu
  • an estimated $540 million in damage to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach

The study underscores the need to start preparing for climate change related damage now, says the study’s co-author, Phillip King. "Sea level rise is here,” King said, “and we need to start planning for it.”

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