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Climate Deniers Block Creation Of Climate Service

22 Nov 2011  |   Mike Palamuso

Tags: Climate Change

Congressional climate deniers have already pushed several efforts to block the EPA from curbing harmful global warming pollution, but now we've learned that they have also blocked the creation of a new National Climate Service.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wanted to reorganize itself to create a "one stop shop" for climate information. As Think Progress notes, this reorganization would significantly boosted the agency’s efficiency, strengthen science across NOAA and improve delivery of vital weather and climate forecasts – at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

But climate deniers in Congress said "No!" From the Washington Post:

At first look, the proposal is as dull, bureaucratic and routine as an agency request to Congress can be.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wanted to reshuffle its offices to establish National Climate Service akin to the agency National Weather Service. It asked for no new funding to do so.

But in a political climate where talk of the earthly kind of climate can be radioactive, the answer in last week’s budget deal was "no." Congress barred NOAA from launching what the agency bills as a "one-stop shop" for climate information.

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