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Congress Got a Climate Wake-Up Call

13 Mar 2014  |   Hannah Blatt

Tags: Climate Change

Congress got the wake-up call they desperately needed. On Monday night, nearly one third of the Senate pulled an unprecedented all-nighter to demand action on climate change. 

For 14 hours and 27 minutes, one after another, these senators gave impassioned speeches about how climate change is affecting their states and their constituents right now. They told powerful stories to make it clear what is at stake and they challenged every member of Congress to fight for our children’s and grandchildren’s future by supporting efforts to cut carbon pollution and invest in clean energy. 

But tackling this issue and taking on Big Oil and their allies in Congress will be a long and bumpy road, so they need your support! 

In total, 31 senators sacrificed sleep and comfort to make sure Congress and the rest of the country heard their call for action on climate change loud and clear. The event made national news and generated tons of social media buzz

But Big Oil and their allies in Congress were pushing back and spewing misinformation at the very same time. A couple hours into the speeches, Senator Jim Inhofe took to the floor to deny climate science and claim that the American people don’t really care about climate change. 

Luckily, we had delivered 70,000 petitions of support to our Senate champions before the speeches began. So right after Senator Inhofe stepped down, Senator Barbara Boxer was able to get up there and tell him that there are tens of thousands of reasons why he is dead wrong. 

Throughout the night many more senators including Senators Brian Schatz and Sheldon Whitehouse joined in, thanking activists all across the country who have been speaking out and demanding action on climate change. They made it clear that having grassroots support was critical to their work. 

And to make sure they can keep doing this important work in the weeks and months ahead, we need to keep building that support now. 

As Senator Elizabeth Warren said during her speech at the all-nighter, “This is our moment in history. We can act. We will act. We must act.” 

We have real leaders in the U.S. Senate right now who have made it a priority to tackle climate change, but we have to make sure they know they aren’t going it alone. 

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