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Congressional Allies: Reject Keystone XL Pipeline

06 Feb 2014  |   Matt McKnight

Tags: Environmental Champions

The State Department released the final environmental impact statement on the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline last week.  We know that the Keystone XL pipeline would endanger water supplies, destroy forests, and worsen climate change at an intolerable rate.  It’s clear that this pipeline is not in our national interest and must be rejected.

The FEIS was just one step in a long process, and many of our biggest allies in Congress took this opportunity to voice their opposition.  

Here’s a recap of their official statements: 

Senator Barbara Boxer, California: 

"I will not be satisfied with any analysis that does not accurately document what is really happening on the ground when it comes to the extraction, transport, refining, and waste disposal of dirty, filthy tar sands oil. My biggest concerns continue to be the serious health impacts on communities, and the dangerous carbon pollution that comes from tar sands oil."

Senator Tim Kaine, Virginia: 

“Building this pipeline would dramatically ramp up capacity for tar sands oil that moves us in the opposite direction of an innovative, make-it-cleaner approach.”

Senator Patrick Leahy, Vermont:

“I am concerned that it may not fully take into account the overwhelming evidence that this project will greatly accelerate the release of greenhouse gas pollution and further worsen climate change.”

Senator Ed Markey, Massachusetts: 

“Because the Keystone XL pipeline will export dirty oil to foreign markets around the world, using the United States only as a conduit that assumes the environmental risk, this project is not in the best interests of our nation and our climate.”

Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon:

“Instead of this pipeline, we should be making investments in our infrastructure that will create good-paying jobs that don’t also increase the pollution that threatens our farms, fish, and forests.”

Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont: 

“The State Department study turns a blind eye to the ugly reality that extracting and refining dirty tar sands oil will spew into our atmosphere more and more of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.”

Senator Brian Schatz, Hawaii: 

“Climate change is the challenge of our generation and we need to be moving forward with policies to support clean energy, not backwards with dirty energy like the Keystone pipeline supports.”

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island:

 “This isn’t any normal pipeline.  Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest fuels on Earth and pumping it through the Keystone pipeline would accelerate climate change.”

Congressman Raul Grijalva, AZ-3:  

“The public now has 90 days to comment on the environmental damage the project itself and tar sands generally will do to the environment. The scientific verdict is already in. The only way for it to matter now is for everyone to make his or her voice heard as loudly as possible. I intend to do that, and I invite the American people to join me.”

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, IL-9:

“The Alberta Tar Sands produce 17 percent more carbon emissions than conventional oil.  The refineries that receive the oil would put more harmful toxins into the air, and low- and middle-income families that live near those facilities would suffer the most.”

Congressman Henry Waxman, CA-33:  

Approving the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would be a huge step in the wrong direction on climate change – a step America, and the world, can’t afford to take. 

As LCV’s President Gene Karpinski said, “The bottom line is still the same -- this pipeline clearly flunks the President's carbon pollution test and must be rejected.” 

Now, it’s your turn to make your voice heard.  

Secretary of State John Kerry has to tell President Obama whether he thinks it is “in our national interest” to approve this dirty and dangerous pipeline. And what he says could be one of the biggest determining factors in President Obama’s decision.

As a longtime climate change champion, Secretary John Kerry can set the record straight and help ensure that President Obama rejects this dangerous project. 

But you can bet that Big Oil is knocking at Secretary Kerry’s door -- so we have to speak out now if we want Secretary Kerry to use the real facts about the risks for our lands and our climate in his National Interest Determination. 

Help us submit more comments opposing this pipeline than ever before. It’s our last chance to influence Secretary Kerry, so speak out before the March 7 deadline >>

Send a message to Secretary Kerry, before it’s too late.

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