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Green Roundup - June 5, 2012

05 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

Pro-pollution voices have revived attacks on Obama’s 2011 Solyndra investment, and Mitt Romney dropped by the plant last week to deride it as a “gross waste.” Does anyone really care? [TreeHugger]

Former President Bill Clinton lashed out at Romney’s attacks on Solyndra, reminding people at a New York fundraiser of Obama’s strong record in wind and solar energy. “During the worst of the meltdown, clean-energy jobs grew twice as fast as the rest of the economy [and] paid 35 percent more.” [The Hill]

New documents show that oil company ExxonMobil gave $86,500 to ALEC last year – which then pushed legislation that would protect frackers from disclosing “trade secrets,” including the chemical makeup of fluids used in fracking. [ThinkProgress]

BP has been accused of an attack on academic freedom after the oil giant successfully subpoenaed thousands of confidential emails related to research on the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Besides being an invasion of privacy, scientists say the emails could be deliberately misinterpreted to discredit their findings. [Guardian]

Last month, California regulators decided to double the amount of solar power capacity eligible for net metering, making solar panels a more affordable option for homeowners and businesses. The net metering benefit has spurred a boom in solar installations, but is caught in a war between utilities, consumer advocates and renewable energy developers. [New York Times]

Romney and fossil fuel groups like the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity have slammed the EPA for being too heavy-handed with oil and gas regulations. But an AP analysis of enforcement data over the past decade finds that EPA enforcement actions have declined since 2002 and reached their lowest point last year. [Washington Post]

At last week’s public hearings on carbon pollution, the coal industry was forced to pay people on Craigslist to show up in pro-coal T-shirts. It’s comical to see Big Coal stoop to this level – but it could also give the impression that there is more support for unlimited carbon emissions than actually exists. [NRDC]

Conservative media like Fox News and the Daily Caller continue to serve as a mouthpiece for Senator Inhofe, twisting comments by an EPA administrator to suggest that Obama is trying to shut down the coal industry. But the official was referring to a rule that applies only to new coal plants, and won’t have much impact on business. [Media Matters]

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