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EPA Preventing 1.8 Million Asthma Attacks

12 Mar 2015  |   Kristin Brown

Tags: Administration

For decades, smog has plagued Americans, causing breathing trouble, increased asthma attacks, even premature death. The American Lung Association likens inhaling smog to a sunburn on the lungs, and children’s little lungs get hit the hardest. 

The EPA is finally moving forward on updating clean air protections that will reduce this potentially deadly pollution. But of course, well-funded Big Polluters are opposed to these smog standards and are pushing back as hard as they can. For example, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute have released inflated cost numbers, claiming that protecting our health and the health of our children is simply too expensive. Can you believe that?

We must stand up to the polluters. By submitting a comment to the EPA in support of the strongest standards possible, we can drown out these corporate polluters and empower the EPA to protect us from harmful smog. 

Regulating smog pollution is a must for Americans. If the EPA sets a smog (or “ozone”) standard of 60 parts per billion, we could see enormous public health and economic benefits, including: 

1.8 million avoided asthma attacks

1.9 million fewer missed school days

6,400 saved from premature death

$38 billion in health benefits by 2025

We have the power to make this happen, but the EPA is only accepting public comments until March 17. We have to speak out now to make sure our voices — the ones who want to protect our children’s health — are the ones that ring through, not the lies and misinformation corporate polluters are spreading. There isn’t a minute to waste;  it’s time to tell the EPA you demand cleaner, healthier air today.

(Photograph from Dave Herolz Flickr account)

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