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EPA: Ramp Up Renewables

12 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

Tags: Clean Energy

Renewable energy is a key part of America’s energy future, says EPA head Lisa Jackson:

“The future for our country is around clean energy, renewables, and getting that technology perfected and ready at a commercial scale here so we can sell it abroad. That will make our country stronger and create jobs as well. We should not put all our eggs in any one basket. And we should not, just because we have it, assume that means we should use fuels as though we have it—because energy independence requires a certain reduced demand. We saw reduction in demand for gasoline, refined oil, this year, and part of the reason is that Americans have a choice to buy cars and trucks that use less of it. And that's good for our economy. So the money can go somewhere else.”

Read more of her interview with Grist.

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