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EPA Unveils New Vehicle Labels

25 May 2011  |   kate kate

Tags: Administration

The Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled a new design for vehicle fuel efficiency labels with more comprehensive information to be advertised on cars and trucks in showrooms across the U.S. The newly designed labels include information on a car's contribution to smog and carbon pollution as well as a calculation of its long-term savings for consumers at the pump. Unfortunately, the labels fail to use an easier to read letter grade system but are certainly a step forward toward clearer labeling, helping consumers make smarter choices for both the environment and their pocketbooks. You can check out the EPA's new website on the labels to learn more about the new information and customize the data to your region.

While this provides a better buying experience for consumers, it's also time we provide consumers with cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles when they go car shopping. It's time to put in place the strongest possible fuel standards that save consumers money, reduce carbon pollution and curb our dangerous dependence on oil.

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