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Federal Investigators: Massey Energy hid key safety information from federal regulators prior to 2010 mine explosion

28 Jun 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: General Environment

Federal mine disaster investigators revealed Tuesday that the company Massey Energy kept two sets of safety records and failed to disclose key safety information to federal regulators in the years leading up to the 2010Upper Big Branch Mine explosion which killed 29 workers.

NPR’s Howard Berkes reports that the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHSA) investigators found:

“Mine owner Massey Energy kept two sets of records that chronicled safety problems. One internal set of production reports detailed those problems and how they delayed coal production. But the other records, which are reviewed by federal mine safety inspectors and required by federal law, failed to mention the same safety hazards. Some of the hazards that were not disclosed are identical to those believed to have contributed to the explosion.”

The recent announcement confirms preliminary reports made by MSHSA earlier this year, and parallels those made by an independent team of investigators in their final conclusions last month. 

The final MSHSA report will conclude this fall.

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