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Former Michigan Governor For Wind

11 Apr 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: Clean Energy

Yesterday, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm praised the potential of clean, renewable wind energy in a Politico op-ed, exhorting Congress to protect the 37,000 U.S. jobs that will be lost if wind tax credits are not extended. 

Responding to House Speaker John Boehner’s observation that “employment is still too high,” Granholm asserts:

“There’s one sector of the American economy that is losing jobs as we speak — and you can put a stop to it.”

Sixty percent of wind turbine parts are now made in the U.S., but a number of wind energy industries already considering relocating out of country with the impending loss of support, including wind turbine manufacturers Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Vestas, and Nordex.  Vestas has threatened to lay-off 1,600 U.S. workers should Congress refuse to support the industry. 

Congressional Republican leadership continues to make no move towards extending the wind tax credits, despite having just passed the Ryan budget continuing $4 billion in annual tax credits for Big Oil.

Granholm also notes that a recent Pew survey shows “a bipartisan majority of Americans want to see our country invest in renewable energy — even after the attempts to manufacture scandals surrounding Solyndra.”

Read Jennifer Granholm’s op-ed at Politico.

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