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GAO Report: EPA Not Source of Wasteful Spending

03 Mar 2011  |   Damien Shirley

Tags: Administration, General Political

Yesterday, the Government Accountability Office released a report [PDF] documenting billions of dollars in government waste due to inefficient or duplicate programs.

Unfortunately for the Republican leadership in the House--who have been pushing to cut the EPA's budget by a third--the GAO doesn't identify the EPA as one of those sources of inefficient spending.

This isn't a surprising conclusion when you consider that the EPA's implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments alone will foster $2 trillion in economic benefits by 2020 (and will cost only $65 billion, meaning that the EPA will deliver a 30:1 return on investment).

While there are legitimate grounds for debate on what can and should be cut from the federal budget, in light of this most recent information, large cuts to the EPA appear to be an increasingly bad decision.

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