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Gingrich Gets It Wrong

24 Feb 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

Tags: General Political

In a 28-minute political ad to run on major TV networks in the coming week, Newt Gingrich makes some pretty incredible claims –and some downright wrong ones. 

 An Associated Press fact check contrasts Gingrich’s claims with facts like these:

 “GINGRICH: "The Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama has a proposal for a brand-new regulation that would, on average, raise the cost of gasoline another 25 cents."

 THE FACTS: Gingrich is referring to a proposal to lower the sulfur content of gasoline, but the EPA has yet to come out with any such regulation. Gingrich gets his cost increase figure from a July 2011 study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute, a lobbying group for the oil industry. The report concluded that gas prices could rise 12 to 25 cents, a range six senators cited in a letter to the EPA in January. Gingrich picks the high end of the range, which assumes the most stringent requirements. EPA officials say that even the low projection assumes actions that the agency has no plans of pursuing.”

 Read the AP article here

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