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Gov. Jerry Brown: More California Sunshine, Less Foreign Oil

26 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Clean Energy

California Governor Jerry Brown announced goals for the state to achieve 12-gigawatts in clean, renewable energy by 2020 before a forum of over 200 energy experts at UCLA Tuesday. The plan calls for a decentralized power system in which government measures encourage individual homeowners to install solar panels and other forms of clean energy production.

Governor Brown was quick to stress the economic benefits of clean energy. "Whatever amount of oil they have over there in Texas, we have a hell of a lot more sun right here in California,” Brown said. “The sun is more abundant, more powerful and capable of generating more power. We are spending, we Americans, hundreds of billions of dollars on importing foreign oil that could all go back into our economy if we had domestic energy sources."

The Governor’s plan would power roughly 3 million homes each year.

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