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Green News Roundup: Week of June 14, 2013

14 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

Tags: General Environment

The International Energy Agency released an alarming report – global emissions of carbon dioxide rose a record-breaking 1.4 percent to 31.6 gigatons in 2012. The U.S. saw a 3.8 percent decline in energy-related emissions, but there is much more the Obama administration must do to combat the climate crisis. [Washington Post]

Mayor Bloomberg announced his strategy to mitigate the effects of severe storms this past Tuesday, proposing to revamp building codes to make buildings more resilient to natural disasters. [New York Times]

Climate change will not be forgotten at the ballot box this year. The Massachusetts Senate special election features the first real ‘climate candidate.’ Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, who is among the first to campaign for national office on climate change issues. [National Journal] 

LCV’s Capital Dinner featured speeches by Senators Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren, two leading voices in Congress who are working hard on environmental priorities. [League of Conservation Voters]

At the Annual Capital Dinner, LCV honored the late Senator Frank Lautenberg for his commitment to the environment and safeguarding public health. There was no greater champion for protecting children from toxic chemicals than Senator Lautenberg.  In addition to working to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act, he was a powerful voice on the Environment and Public Works Committee, he wrote the Toxics Release Inventory, he was a longtime leader on Superfund issues, and he earned a stellar 96% lifetime score on the LCV National Environmental Scorecard.  These are just a few of his many accomplishments.  Senator Lautenberg was a tireless ally who leaves a lasting environmental legacy, and we will miss him immeasurably as we work even harder to protect the environment in his honor.

TransCanada, the company trying to build the risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, is redoubling its efforts to drown out environmental groups’ criticisms of the project. The company has hired a new communications specialist in an attempt to slow the growing opposition to Keystone XL. [National Journal]

In clean energy news, according to a new industry report, U.S. solar installations continued to increase in the first quarter. The U.S. is on schedule to add 5.3 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2013. This is promising news, considering that at the end of 2012, the U.S. had about 7.2 gigawatts of total installed capacity. [Politico]

(Photograph by Climate Change Media Partnership)

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