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Green Roundup: July 11, 2012

11 Jul 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

The U.S. broke 2,284 daily maximum temperature records and tied a further 998 in June alone. The country has seen 23,383 record high temperatures compared to 13,582 at this time last year. [Grist]

Researchers have for the first time attributed recent floods, droughts, and heat waves to human-induced climate change, adding up to a stronger picture of our influence on the climate. [Guardian]

According to a report by the National Climatic Data Center, the odds of the recent heat wave occurring randomly are 1 in 1.6 million. All signs point to climate change. [Washington Post]

Fox News is telling viewers that pollution is good for forests because it helps them grow. Grist points out, “Saying that ‘pollution helped grow forests’ without adding ‘… until it killed them’ is like saying ‘oh, you need water to live? Well, then you’ll love drowning.’” [Grist]

After decades of decline, black lung is back, with its resurgence concentrated in central Appalachia among younger coal miners. Poor monitoring mechanisms allow companies to exploit loopholes, exposing miners to dangerous levels of dust more than 53,000 times between 2000 and 2011. [Center for Public Integrity]

Big Oil continues to rake in the profits: Royal Dutch Shell has claimed the top spot in Fortune Magazine’s Global 500 list, while Exxon Mobil came in second with a 35 percent boost in profits to $41 billion 2011. [Reuters]

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