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Green Roundup: June 13, 2012

13 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

Thanks to falling prices and federal policies, U.S. solar grew 85 percent in the first quarter, and the domestic market for solar panels is likely to double in 2012. [Bloomberg]

The world’s economies are forecasted to spend two trillion dollars on renewables between now and 2020, says a new Pew study. As the global race toward clean energy accelerates, it’s important that the U.S. not get left behind. [NRDC]

America is shoveling coal to the sidelines: the share of U.S. electricity that comes from the dirty fuel is predicted to fall below 40 percent this year, the lowest level since 1949. [AP]

With 72 percent of independents saying there is “solid evidence” of global warming over the past four decades, people are starting to connect dots. Can policymakers do the same? [ThinkProgress]

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