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Green Roundup: June 21, 2012

21 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

The House of Representatives holds the title of the most anti-environment House in congressional history, having voted against the environment 247 times in the last 18 months. That’s an average of one anti-environmental vote for every day the House has been in session, with one of every five votes rolling back protections for public lands, clean air, clean water, or enriching the oil industry. [ThinkProgress]

Computer technology giant Dell has decided to drop its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, becoming the 21st organization to cut ties with the right-wing corporate front group behind anti-environment model legislation. [ThinkProgress]

Amid the UN’s Rio+20 Earth Summit this week, Fox News reporter David Asman declared his skepticism about global warming, claiming that “it’s getting colder.” [Media Matters]

At the same time, the National Weather Service has forecast potentially record-breaking hot temperatures this summer, with temperatures expected to approach triple digits in the Northeast. [Huffington Post]

A new NRDC report says ending fossil fuel subsidies will cut carbon dioxide emissions 6 percent by 2020 and reduce overall energy demand 5 percent by 2020, without disproportionate impact on low-income communities. [NRDC]

New evidence suggests that policymakers may be drastically underestimating the expanding potential of wind and solar. [Washington Post]

Renewable energy can supply 80% of US electricity demand by 2050, concludes a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. [Sustainable Business]

According to a Washington Post poll, most Americans think the world’s natural environment has deteriorated over the last decade, and more than six in ten say humans are worsening the problem. [Washington Post]

A New York Times editorial commended the EPA’s new standards on particulate matter, saying that attacks on the EPA’s clean air rules “must be resisted.” [New York Times]

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