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Heartland Funders Flee

30 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

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The Heartland Institute is circling the drain. The anti-science organization has lost $1 million in projected corporate funding for 2012 with the recent loss of LKQ, an auto-parts company that had been a major contributor. 

The manufacturing company announced last week on its Facebook page:

LKQ has never engaged with The Heartland Institute on any issues related to climate change. In fact, LKQ Corporation is an inherently green company whose widespread, large-scale recycling efforts conserve energy and preserve valuable natural resources.

LKQ informed The Heartland Institute on May 8 of its decision to immediately sever all ties to the group. We believe that this is an appropriate step that serves our company and its shareholders.

The loss of LKQ, along with other sponsors like General Motors, PepsiCo, State Farm, and Renaissance Hotels has cut Heartland’s Institute nearly in half since the thinktank’s launch of its widely offensive billboard campaign comparing those who believe in climate change with mass murderers and terrorists.  

LCV supporters joined over 150,000 people in speaking out against this extreme rhetoric, calling on corporate sponsors to pull their funding, and protesting outside the extremist organization’s semi-annual climate denial conference.  Now, less than a month after the billboard went up, this public pressure has left Heartland’s future uncertain. In his closing remarks at the conference, Heartland President Joseph Bast announced the demise of the anti-science event due to lack of funding. 

Politico nicknamed the citizens’ response part of a growing “shame lobby” with a “string of stunning victories recently that would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago.” With continued involvement from supporters, Heartland may be forced to abandon its outrageous campaign against science for good.

Help us put the final nail in the coffin, and tell Heartland’s remaining sponsors to stop funding climate deniers’ extreme rhetoric.

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