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Dicks Amendment saves the Endangered Species Act

27 Jul 2011  |   Emma Brown

Tags: Congress, House, Wildlife

An amendment to preserve the Endangered Species Act rallied bipartisan support Wednesday to pass on the House floor with a vote of 224- 204. The amendment—proposed by Rep. Norm Dicks (D – Wash)—struck down language in the FY 2012 Interior & Environment Appropriations that would have allowed species to be removed from the Endangered Species list, but not added.

Rep. Dicks said the Appropriation language to dissolve the Endangered Species Act was a move motivated by ideology, and had little chance of meeting Senate approval. Republican Representative Mike Fitzpatrick (Pa.) joined Dicks in supporting the amendment. "Preventing listing is not the answer," Fitzpatrick said. "We must allow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to do their job and protect species while making improvements to increase the efficiency of this crucial program."

Thirty-seven Republican legislators and 187 Democrats supported the amendmhickent.

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