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Holding TV Meteorologists Accountable

20 Jan 2012  |   Mike Palamuso

Tags: Climate Change

If you’ve tuned into your local TV weather report lately, there’s a chance you may heard some crazy ideas about climate change. Take San Diego weatherman John Coleman, who said on air:

“It’s amazing to me … how many billions of dollars apparently our governments are going to spend of our tax dollars to combat something that isn’t real … As a scientist, I know that global warming doesn’t really exist at all.”

Sadly, Coleman is not alone. Nearly half of TV meteorologists doubt that climate change is real, and over 60% believe it’s not man made, according to a major survey of meteorologists.

Thankfully, some leaders in the meteorological community are fighting to get their profession on the right side of truth. This Sunday, the American Meteorological Society (AMS) will consider passing a new, forceful statement on climate change. Sources inside the AMS tell us that meteorologist deniers are attempting to derail the process, forcing the statement to be softened or delayed.

That’s why LCV is teaming up with the Forecast the Facts campaign to call on the AMS to pass the statement immediately, and then vigorously educate their members about it so that they accurately inform their viewers.

Forecast the Facts is a new campaign that seeks to change that dynamic by holding meteorologists accountable on climate change. Communities being devastated by increasingly severe weather deserve to know that there’s a culprit - a warming world and an increasingly unstable climate. The campaign will find out where meteorologists across the country stand, facilitate local actions on the worst offenders, and pressure the entire community to change their tune.

But the first step is urging the AMS to resist climate deniers in their ranks.

Join the effort: Click here to urge the AMS Council to stand up for science and pass the strong new statement on climate change.

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