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House Democratic Leadership Releases Dirty Work

01 Mar 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Tags: Congress, General Political, House

Today, Democratic Leadership on the House Natural Resources Committee released "Dirty Work," a report documenting the anti-environmental policy riders included in the budget measure that passed the House of Representatives in the early morning hours of February 19th.

According to the report:

"H.R. 1 would not balance our budget, nor would it reduce our nation's debt in any meaningful way. What H.R. 1 would accomplish, however, is to make the air we breathe and the water we drink dirtier, degrade our national parks, forests and public lands, further endanger already fragile wildlife, halt valuable scientific research, deny healthcare to the First Americans and deny access to justice for all Americans. H.R. 1 would turn back the clock, to a time when the desires of land speculators, coal companies and other polluters trumped the welfare of average American families. While it has been embraced by House Republicans, it should be rejected by the American people."

The "Dirty Work" report comes as the League of Conservation Voters plans to release its Continuing Resolution Special Edition National Environmental Scorecard tomorrow, revealing individual member scores for environmental, public health, and energy votes taken on amendments to the House-passed spending bill.

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