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House Passes CR That Severely Undermines Environmental Safeguards

22 Feb 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Tags: Congress, House

In the predawn hours on Saturday, the House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution authored by House Republican Leadership for 2011. The bill contains across-the-board cuts to climate change programs and land conservation initiatives, while also curtailing safeguard efforts against air and water pollution.

The continuing resolution strips EPA funding by one third, restricting the agency's ability to implement the Clean Water Act in coal mining production, blocking efforts to reduce mercury pollution in cement manufacturing, and preventing the agency from employing commonsense safeguards intended to protect public health against carbon pollution.

As a whole, energy and water programs witnessed a $3.6 billion reduction in funding from the 2010 budget.

In response to the House vote, LCV President Gene Karpinski stated:

"The Continuing Resolution's sweeping assaults on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the wildlife and wild places Americans hold dear make it the most anti-environmental piece of legislation in recent memory. As if the original bill weren't harmful enough, the House approved several anti-environmental amendments that would wreak even greater havoc on the environment and public health and keep us dependent on the failed energy policies of the past."

The bill now heads to the Senate, where many Democrats have already publicly opposed the House CR.

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