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House Passes TRAIN Act

23 Sep 2011  |   Damien Shirley

Tags: Clean Air, Congress, House

By a 249 to 169 margin, the House has voted to pass the TRAIN Act.

The TRAIN Act is the first in a series of bills—outlined by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor—that would undermine or outright dismantle a number of public health safeguards.

The TRAIN Act mandates at least a year-long delay on the implementation of two significant clean air rules; it also creates an interagency panel to review a number of EPA safeguards. If enacted, the TRAIN Act would cause tens of thousands of premature death, increase respiratory ailments like asthma and lead to increased health care costs.  

The White House signaled their intention to veto the bill earlier this week.

Here is LCV President Gene Karpinski’s statement on the passage of the act:

"Though first introduced as a misguided 'study bill' meant to analyze several EPA clean air safeguards, this reckless legislation has now turned into the single biggest assault on the Clean Air Act in history. We strongly applaud President Obama’s commitment to veto this radical bill which will increase toxic air pollution, cost lives and drive up health care costs for all Americans."

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