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House Republicans Introduce Budget to Slash EPA Funding by 30 Percent

14 Feb 2011  |   Daniel Jacobs

Tags: Congress, House

On Friday, Republican leadership in the House of Representatives unveiled a new budget proposal that would prove detrimental to public health, land and water conservation, clean energy initiatives, and climate research.

Among the introduced spending cuts include slashing $3 billion in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency ??? a reduction of nearly 30% from the fiscal year 2010 budget.This is the largest cut to the EPA in 30 years and is specifically designed to eliminate the agency's ability to implement carbon pollution safeguards.

Additionally, the proposed budget would strip the Energy Department's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program by $900 million, which would significantly obstruct the administration from employing innovative clean energy research and development.

The budget also called for a spending reduction on land and water acquisition and conservation programs by over $200 million.Moreover, the budget would prevent the Bureau of Land Management from protecting public lands awaiting formal wilderness designation from Congress.

Finally, House Republican leadership requested nearly $682 million in cuts to domestic and global climate change research.Under the projected budget, funding for climate change research would be considerably reduced in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, EPA, the World Bank, and the Global Environment Facility.

In a response to the proposed budget cuts, LCV President Gene Karpinski stated:

"With Newt Gingrich calling to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, the House Republican Leadership has taken a big step toward making this a reality by slashing funding for environmental and public health safeguards in their proposed Continuing Resolution. Their call for a thirty percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency budget -- the biggest percent cut in thirty years -- would jeopardize the water we drink and air we breathe, endangering the health and well-being of all Americans. We call on Congress to reject this dangerous Continuing Resolution that would benefit corporate polluters at the expense of the environment and public health."

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