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  • Blog Post 29 Jul 2016  |   Jonathan Hill

    Norway’s move to drill in the Arctic is inconsistent with its climate leadership

    Norway has been and continues to be a leader on climate change. However, just two months ago they took steps that would tarnish the country’s environmental record.

    In mid-May, Norway issued a tremendously laudable joint statement with the US and other Scandinavian countries to combat climate change and protect the fragile Arctic environment. The countries agreed to “work towards the highest global standards, best international practice, and a precautionary approach, when considering new and existing ...More

  • Blog Post 22 Jul 2016  |   Eva Drinkhouse

    ESA Champs Keep on Fighting in 2016

    The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been under increasing attacks over the past few decades from radical Republicans in Congress, however the number of attacks the ESA has weathered over the years contrasts sharply with its popularity among the American public. A 2015 poll showed that 90 percent of voters across the country support the ESA and, contrary to the claims of anti-ESA radicals, 68 percent of voters believe species protection can be accomplished alongside ...More

  • Blog Post 12 Jul 2016  |   David Willett

    “Public more supportive of action after learning of Exxon climate change cover up”

    Hart Research Associates recently undertook in-depth public opinion research concerning Exxon’s efforts to defeat policies to address climate change despite the findings of its own scientists that man-made carbon emissions cause changes in the climate that have significant adverse impacts on the well-being of humans and the planet.

    Among its findings was the discovery that telling the story of Exxon’s potential coverup of their own climate science helps people understand climate change in general. The ...More

  • Blog Post 11 Jul 2016  |   Eva Drinkhouse

    The Endangered Species Act Under Attack: Relentless Riders Rise Again

    We are in the throes of appropriations season in Washington D.C. and this year one of the most strongly supported and effective laws to protect and conserve wildlife is under attack once again - the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA passed with overwhelming bipartisan support over four decades ago and is the strongest wildlife protection law in the United States, but legislators continually attempt to chip away at it and the environmental community is ...More

  • Blog Post 30 Jun 2016  |   Eva Drinkhouse

    President Obama and Congressional Leaders Draw Attention to National Parks and Public Lands

    President Obama celebrated Father’s Day weekend by taking a family vacation to two breathtaking national parks, Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico and Yosemite National Park in California. His choice for a quick vacation should come as no surprise as President Obama has truly solidified his place as one of America’s most consequential conservation presidents. During his tenure he has protected over 265 million acres or land and water – more than any other ...More

  • Blog Post 23 Jun 2016  |   Jonathan Hill

    A Stand Against Big Oil

    In the midst of a heated debate over a bill that threatens the clean air of millions of Americans, one representative offered an amendment that would have held oil and gas companies accountable: Representative Jared Polis, a democrat from Colorado’s 2nd district. Rep. Polis sought to remedy some of the damage done by HR 4775, the so-called Ozone Standards Implementation Act. His amendment would have closed loopholes within the Clean Air Act that allow ...More

  • Blog Post 13 May 2016  |   Jacob Glasser

    Latest from Climate Champs in Congress

    Champions in Congress have continued to make progress on important environmental policies that combat climate change. Here is a recap of their most recent efforts.

    Senators Barbara Boxer (CA), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Edward Markey (MA), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), and Cory Booker (NJ) stood up to attacks on climate action at recent hearing in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. They called out Big Polluters and their allies in ...More

  • Blog Post 10 May 2016  |   Arian Rubio

    What I Gained During My Internship with LCV: An Advocacy Point of View

    When I started my semester as a Policy & Lobbying Intern with the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), I strongly believed in the importance of environmental policy, and I had internship experience in both the House of Representatives with Rep. Rush Holt’s office and the Senate with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office, as well as other programs with the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence. I was eager to use my understanding of the operations ...More

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