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  • Blog Post 19 Jul 2013  |   Gene Karpinski

    Remembering Martha Levensaler

    We were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of a member of our LCV family, Martha Levensaler. Martha spread great joy, spirit and knowledge throughout our movement for many years. In addition to her work with us, where she served as Board Effectiveness Director for LCV and LCVEF, Martha was an active member of the broader Alaska environmental community, working for 12 years at National Wildlife Federation in Alaska, helping to ...More

  • Blog Post 17 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    LCV Hosts “I Will Act on Climate” Bus Tour Rally

    The climate action movement is quite literally on the move. LCV joins a coalition of businesses and environmental activists in hosting the “I Will Act on Climate” 27 state bus tour to encourage local support for climate action.

    The bus tour is highlighting the growing momentum for climate action following President Obama’s climate change address, which included a call for limits on carbon pollution – especially from power plants, our largest polluters - as well as ...More

  • Blog Post 16 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Climate Champ Ed Markey Sworn in as Senator

    The Senate got a whole lot greener this morning following environmental champion Ed Markey’s swearing in as the new U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Senator Markey was elected the same day that President Obama delivered his historic climate address last month –together, there’s new momentum building in the fight against climate change.

    Markey campaigned aggressively on the issue of climate change and launched numerous ads highlighting his commitment to tackling the climate crisis. He campaigned ...More

  • Blog Post 12 Jul 2013  |   Intern Admin

    Waxman and Whitehouse on KXL and Climate

    Representative Henry A. Waxman and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse spoke up about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline this week, urging the State Department to reevaluate the pipeline’s impact on climate. They challenged the State Department’s climate impact analysis and asserted what we already know is true - that the dirty project would have a substantial negative impact on climate. You can read the full letter here.

    The EPA has already criticized the State Department’s report, which ...More

  • Blog Post 12 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Green News Roundup: Week of July 12, 2013

    It was a big week for climate champion Rep. Henry Waxman, who released a report on Monday finding a “climate disconnect” between soaring temperatures and congressional voting records. With over 30k record high temps in US in 2012 climate change deniers continue to reject the science and cast anti-climate votes. [Energy Commerce]

    Waxman also partnered up with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in challenging the State Department’s climate impact analysis of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, making ...More

  • Blog Post 11 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Waxman Finds Climate Disconnect

    Rep. Waxman released a climate change report Monday finding a “climate disconnect” between soaring temperatures and congressional voting records. With over 30k record high temps in US in 2012, climate change deniers continue to reject the science and cast anti-climate votes.

    Experts have made clear that climate change is having unprecedented effects on our weather patterns, including more powerful storms, record heat waves and droughts, and increased flooding. However, despite the reams of scientific research, there ...More

  • Blog Post 03 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Green News Roundup: Week of July 3, 2013

    Last week was one for the books, as President Obama gave his historic climate speech and the people of Massachusetts elected environmental champion Ed Markey to the U.S. Senate. Celebrated actor and environmentalist Robert Redford offers his thoughts on the President’s climate plan, and calls for climate action on all fronts. [Huffington Post]

    Apple said it plans to build a solar farm with NV Energy Inc. to power its new data center, as ...More

  • Blog Post 02 Jul 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    The Koch Brothers Are Bad News

    The New Yorker said yesterday that a major stumbling block for Congressional action on climate change is the climate change-denying Koch brothers and their Big-Oil backed group, Americans for Prosperity. They’ve been working under the radar for years, getting members of Congress to pledge that they would oppose legislation to address climate change. This just provides us with one more reason why we can’t give the Koch brothers more platforms to hype their anti-science, anti-climate ...More

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