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  • Blog Post 11 Sep 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    An Environmental Leader

    LCV recently launched a television ad praising Senator Susan Collins (ME) for cutting through the gridlock in Washington to support a bipartisan energy efficiency bill, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competiveness Act. Senator Collins co-sponsored this commonsense energy efficiency legislation because it will help American families and businesses across the country save billions of dollars on their energy bills, and create an estimated 136,000 new jobs by 2025, according to the American Council for an ...More

  • Blog Post 23 Aug 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    5 Environmental Stories You Shouldn't Miss This Week

    A draft of the United Nations recent climate report notes that scientists are 95 percent certain that humans are contributing to global warming. New York Times

    LCV is attempting to change the game, and hold climate change deniers accountable for their extreme anti-science positions. Washington Post

    The White House is going green with the installation of solar panels on the roof! Politico

    Between now and 2050 our coastal cities will go through ...More

  • Blog Post 23 Aug 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    Keeping the Pressure on Climate Change Deniers

    Last week marked the start of LCV’s nearly $2 million nationwide campaign to hold climate change deniers accountable for their extreme anti-science positions. This week, we’re keeping the pressure on these four members of Congress by releasing new television ads pushing form action on climate change:

    The first ad targets Senator Ron Johnson (WI):

    The second ad targets Congressman Mike Coffman (CO-6)

    The third ad targets Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13)

    The fourth ad targets Congressman ...More

  • Blog Post 13 Aug 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    LCV Holds Climate Change Deniers Accountable

    If we want to see action on climate, we need to call out members of Congress denying the science and standing in the way of progress. There are too many members of Congress trying to sweep their extreme anti-science positions under the rug, and their constituents deserve to know where they stand. That’s why LCV launched a nearly $2 million nationwide television ad campaign to hold four climate change deniers accountable for siding against their ...More

  • Blog Post 09 Aug 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    5 Environmental Articles You Can't Miss

    It’s time we held members of Congress accountable for their extreme anti-science views! That’s why LCV is encouraging you, their constituents, to get these members on record about climate change. Huffington Post

    With 2012 being one of the warmest years on record, the Arctic is melting at an unprecedented pace, according to a study conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Guardian

    When someone says the words coffee, peanut butter, ...More

  • Blog Post 09 Aug 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    Where Do Your Members of Congress Stand on Climate Change?

    Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters, wrote a new blog on Huffington Post about holding members of Congress accountable for their extreme anti-science views while they’re in their districts during the August recess:

    For far too long, elected officials have been able to sweep their extreme anti-science positions under the rug hoping their constituents won't notice. But the effects of climate change are harder than ever to ignore, and the American ...More

  • Blog Post 02 Aug 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Green News Roundup: Week of August 2, 2013

    President Obama dispelled the widely repeated myth this week that the Keystone XL Pipeline would lead to massive job creation. The President clarified that the dirty energy project would only create about 50 permanent jobs, and ‘is not a jobs plan.’ [Youtube]

    The new EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy had some other ideas about spurring innovation. In her speech at Harvard Law School this week, McCarthy advised that the country should embrace reducing carbon emissions as ...More

  • Blog Post 01 Aug 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Why We Need Chemical Policy Reform Now

    Our nation’s primary chemical law is in need of a serious makeover. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee this week held a hearing to discuss reforming the law –the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) – to get thousands of currently unregulated toxic chemicals (like Bisphenol A, formaldehyde, and flame retardants) out of the products we use every day. Toxic flame-retardants are even common in household furniture, electronics, and baby products. It's long past time ...More

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