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  • Blog Post 01 Jun 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

    Daily Green Roundup - June 1, 2012

    Karl Rove-founded American Crossroads released a video this week slamming Obama for investing in green energy companies that eventually fail, like Solyndra, a solar manufacturer that filed for bankruptcy last September. It turns out, however, that one of the companies in the ad also received millions in government money from then-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. [Washington Post]

    Sandwich safety alert: Peanut butter and deli meats have both been found to contain a toxic flame retardant commonly used ...More

  • Blog Post 31 May 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

    Wal-Mart Exits ALEC

    Thanks in large part to grassroots pressure, corporate behemoth Wal-Mart has become the twenty-second funder to leave the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), joining a list of defectors that includes Amazon, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Kraft.

    The polarizing ALEC has a record of crafting anti-environment model legislation, like bills that strip renewable energy targets and block toxic coal ash regulation.

    Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, announced yesterday that it is severing ties with ALEC after a ...More

  • Blog Post 31 May 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

    Daily Green Roundup - May 31, 2012

    A “troubling milestone”: for the first time in at least 800,000 years, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have crossed the threshold of 400 parts per million, a sign that greenhouse gas emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. [Washington Post]

    A huge pipeline spill has released 22,000 barrels of oil and water in northwest Alberta, one of the largest spills in North America in recent years. [Globe and Mail]

    A new UN report says a global ...More

  • Blog Post 31 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

    Corporate Hypocrisy - Now In Green

    Many corporations publically supporting climate science are actively working against regulations and laws addressing global warming, finds a Union of Concerned Scientists report “A Climate of Corporate Control,” released yesterday. The report examines the public relations, political involvement, and corporate donations of 28 S&P 500 companies that attempted to influence climate policy in 2009 and 2010, with information on House and Senate climate votes contributed by the League of Conservation Voters.

    While giving lip service to ...More

  • Blog Post 30 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

    Romney Out of Touch - Surprised?

    Mitt Romney attacked the Obama administration’s investment in clean energy policies in a stump speech in Colorado yesterday, hot on the heels of the president’s visit to a wind turbine blade manufacturing plant last week.

    Romney’s speech attempted to appeal to the residents of Craig, Colorado, home to a coal-fired power plant, by highlighting the EPA’s proposed industrial carbon pollution standards, and sympathizing with the economies woes they must be suffering:

    I’m not going to forget Craig, ...More

  • Blog Post 30 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

    Heartland Funders Flee

    The Heartland Institute is circling the drain. The anti-science organization has lost $1 million in projected corporate funding for 2012 with the recent loss of LKQ, an auto-parts company that had been a major contributor.

    The manufacturing company announced last week on its Facebook page:

    LKQ has never engaged with The Heartland Institute on any issues related to climate change. In fact, LKQ Corporation is an inherently green company whose widespread, large-scale recycling efforts conserve energy ...More

  • Blog Post 30 May 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

    Daily Green Roundup - May 30, 2012

    A series of attack ads from the Romney campaign say that a Romney administration would willingly give up America’s place in key clean energy industries to China, reflecting his disconnect with investing in the future. [Center for American Progress]

    Republican super PACs, along with conservative groups like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, plan to spend a record $1 billion on November’s elections for the White House and control of Congress. [Politico]

    The coal industry is under ...More

  • Blog Post 29 May 2012  |   Lea Brumfield

    NYT: Cleaner Energy

    With the largest number of wind energy jobs in the nation, Iowa has undoubtedly benefited from wind energy tax credits. During President Obama’s recent visit to an Iowa manufacturing plant that makes blades for wind turbines, the president reminded the crowd that both of Iowa’s senators and the state’s Republican governor supported the clean energy tax credits –with good reason. As a New York Times editorial pointed out today, wind power and other ...More

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