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  • Blog Post 27 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Senator Tim Kaine Says ‘No’ to Keystone on Morning Joe

    LCV knew that Tim Kaine would be an environmental ally in Congress, which is why we worked so hard to help elect him to the Senate. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, Senator Kaine showed true leadership by discussing how damaging the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would be and encouraging the President to reject it. He called tar sands a “backslide” in a country with “too many cleaner alternatives:”

    Visit ...More

  • Blog Post 18 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    LCV's Lobby Day 2013

    Welcome to LCV’s Lobby Day 2013! Members of LCV and state LCVs from across the country held nearly 100 meetings with the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Interior, and members of Congress and their staff to push foraction on climate change. Check out some of our pictures from the day.

    LCV’s Deputy Legislative Director Alex Taurel provides tips on lobbying before the 2013 Lobby Day begins.


  • Blog Post 14 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Green News Roundup: Week of June 14, 2013

    The International Energy Agency released an alarming report – global emissions of carbon dioxide rose a record-breaking 1.4 percent to 31.6 gigatons in 2012. The U.S. saw a 3.8 percent decline in energy-related emissions, but there is much more the Obama administration must do to combat the climate crisis. [Washington Post]

    Mayor Bloomberg announced his strategy to mitigate the effects of severe storms this past Tuesday, proposing to revamp building codes to make buildings more resilient ...More

  • Blog Post 14 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    LCV's Annual Capital Dinner 2013

    The League of Conservation Voters held our largest ever Capital Dinner last night, which included speeches by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken, who spoke about the urgent need to combat the climate crisis.

    LCV’s President Gene Karpinski commented on how we can continue tackling the climate crisis: “We saw an unprecedented enthusiasm this year fighting for action on climate change. The President has said all the right things on combating the climate crisis, and ...More

  • Blog Post 11 Jun 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    US and China Work Together to Confront Climate Change

    President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping came together on Saturday and forged an important agreement to phase out the use and production of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), a chemical that is primarily used as a coolant in our refrigerators and air conditioners. This is a critical step towards tackling the climate crisis, because it will address one of the most potent heat-trapping greenhouse gases that is emitted into our air.

    Many people recognized the importance of ...More

  • Blog Post 10 Jun 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    Preparing for Hurricane Season in a Warming World

    Gene Karpinski, President to the League of Conservation Voters, wrote a new blog on Huffington Post about the need to combat climate change, especially after the extreme weather we saw across the country last year:

    We're already seeing signs that this year could bring more of the extreme weather we saw in 2012. Just the other week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released their yearly 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, warning that we ...More

  • Blog Post 07 Jun 2013  |   Amanda Giddon

    Green News Roundup: Week of June 7, 2013

    A massive $153.4 million budget cut for the Park Service will reduce National Park upkeep and increase lines during an exceptionally hot summer. [National Journal]

    A bipartisan energy efficiency bill may be close to coming to the Senate floor, but the addition of controversial amendments may threaten its success. [Politico]

    LCV and other environmental groups form a united front to tackle issues of climate change and Keystone XL under the Obama administration. [Yahoo News]

    However, the oil ...More

  • Blog Post 07 Jun 2013  |   Hannah Blatt

    New Energy Efficiency Standards for Microwaves

    In our day-to-day lives, we use a number of different appliances—some to help us store and cook food like refrigerators and microwaves, while others entertain and inform us, like televisions and computers. But do you ever stop to think about how much energy these devices are using?

    Well, according the U.S. Department of Energy, the average American household’s energy bill is over $2,000 in a given year. But there is good news! By using more ...More

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