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  • Blog Post 15 Aug 2012  |   Soham Pandit

    LCV: Energy Issues Could Decide 2012 Election

    The League of Conservation Voters went on the offensive this week, bringing attention to the emergence of clean energy as a major, if not potentially decisive, election year issue. With both Presidential campaigns on the trail in Colorado and Iowa, voters in those key battleground states have become increasingly supportive of renewable energy sources like wind power.

    As the debate heats up over whether Congress should extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy, LCV ...More

  • Blog Post 11 Aug 2012  |   Mike Palamuso

    Paul Ryan: Big Oil's Dream VP Pick

    Mitt Romney is doubling down on the Koch Brothers agenda -- picking a running mate who has received thousands in campaign cash from the oil tycoons. At the same time, Ryan is a staunch climate change denier and a leading voice in the most anti-environmental House of Representatives in our nation’s history.

    Here's a few fast facts about Paul Ryan:

    Ryan earned a score of just 3% in LCV's 2011 National Environmental Scorecard, and his lifetime score ...More
  • Blog Post 10 Aug 2012  |   Soham Pandit

    Wind at the President's Back

    The buzz over President Obama’s support for wind energy made a lot of headlines when he visited Colorado this week to talk about the wind industry’s crucial role in America’s clean energy future.

    “At a moment when home-grown energy, renewable energy, is creating new jobs in Colorado and Iowa, my opponent wants to end tax credits for wind energy producers,” Obama told supporters in Pueblo.

    The President stressed the need to extend the Production Tax Credit ...More

  • Blog Post 10 Aug 2012  |   Soham Pandit

    Defending Science & Clean Energy

    Today, League of Conservation Voters (LCV) President Gene Karpinski writes a piece in the Huffington Post that defends science from irrational attacks by climate-deniers in Congress. In this must-read blog post, Karpinski talks about the Flat Earth Five, LCV's new campaign to defeat five climate-denying House incumbents.

    Karpinski: "We're seeing the effects of climate change like never before, but it's not too late to fight back. Just a few years ago, the House passed historic comprehensive ...More

  • Blog Post 27 Jul 2012  |   Mike Palamuso

    The long and winding road...

    Guest post by LCV Legislative Associate Madeleine Foote:

    Besides the Beatles, the late 60’s and 70’s are also famous for producing many of our major environmental laws, most of which have been reviewed and updated by Congress over the years, except for one: the Toxics Substance Control Act (TSCA). Modernization has eluded TSCA, the law with the vitally important job of protecting our health from the risks posed by toxic chemicals in our everyday ...More

  • Blog Post 26 Jul 2012  |   Mike Palamuso

    LCV Talks Climate Deniers on MSNBC

    LCV Senior Vice President for Campaigns Navin Nayak appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews to talk about the Flat Earth Five, our new campaign to defeat five climate-denying House incumbents. Watch the video below.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Click here for more information about the Flat Earth Five.

  • Blog Post 23 Jul 2012  |   Melissa Yeo

    Slashing Black Lung Protections

    Last week, anti-environment lawmakers in the House launched yet another attack on crucial safeguards on health and clean air. The Labor, Health and Human Services spending bill released Tuesday explicitly forbids the use of funds to develop limits on coal dust, which has been directly linked to black lung disease in coal miners.

    Black lung disease has killed more than 10,000 coal miners since 1995 – and the problem is only getting worse. Cases of black ...More

  • Blog Post 19 Jul 2012  |   Vanessa Kritzer

    Showdown on Energy Policy

    A debate between the presidential campaigns last week provided a glimpse of how the environment would suffer under a Romney Administration. The Romney campaign continued its track record of staying out-of-step with voters on clean energy issues, dismissing support for green technology and pledging to boost support for Big Oil.

    Representing the Romney campaign was Linda Gillespie Stuntz, former Deputy Secretary of Energy, who currently lobbies for BP and sits on the board of directors for ...More

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